Straight Arrows: Another Day in the City 7" RSD2019
Straight Arrows: 21st Century / Cyber Bully 7"
The Aints: Church of Simultaneous Existence CD/LP
Striaght Arrows: On Top! CD / LP
Last of the Easy Riders: CD/ LP
Carlton Melton: Mind Minerals CD / LP
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys: Rot CD / LP
White Manna: Bleeding Eyes CD / LP
Carlton Melton: Hidden Lights LP
Dion Lunadon: S/T LP
Joel Silbersher: No Teeth 7"
White Dog: Sydney Limits CD / LP
Straight Arrows: Turn Me Off / Dead & Bored 7"
Last of the Easy Riders: LP
Miss Destiny: CD / LP
The Green Bananas: The Ape 7"
The Royal Sitars: Elouise / Distant & Vague 7"
Carlton Melton: Aground LP (RSD2016)
Spacin: Total Freedom CD/LP
The Sunset Strip: Stone Lazy CD
Icarus Line: All Things Under Heaven CD/LP
Cereal Killer: No Life 'Til Cereal 7"
Carlton Melton: Out to Sea 2LP+CD / CD
Evil Acid Head: In the Name of all that is Unholy 2LP+CD / CD
The Hits: Loose Cannon 7"
Wet Blankets: Rise of the Wet Blankets LP
Night Flights: VOL:1 LP
The Living Eyes: Living Large CD / LP

Feral Ohms: Super Ape / The Snake 7" / 2x7"

Straight Arrows: Petrified / Information Man 7"

The Living Eyes: Guitly Pleasures / Lowlife 7"

The Icarus Line: Avowed Slavery CD / LP

Straight Arrows: Rising CD / LP

Straight Arrows: Make Up Your Mind 7"

People's Temple - Utopia 7"

Howlin Rain: Live Rain CD / 2LP

Star Spangled Banana: Frantic Romantic / Nag Nag Nag 7"

Steve Kilby & Martin Kennedy: You are Everything CD / LP

Frowning Clouds / Living Eyes: Split 7"

Ausmuteants: Amusements CD